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"Accessibility" is defined as "ease of approach" or "ease of understanding." In other words, for all those using the Internet, this means that the information provided on the Internet should be able to be accessed without hitch regardless of age, physical or bodily limitations and operating environment.
SSD is fully aware of this, and hopes to refine and upgrade this site to make it even more accessible and easier to use in the future.

Measures Implemented to Enhance Accessibility

  • The interface has been designed so that you can resize text on screen. This provides you with two sizes of text for you to choose from. Choose the size that you think is more appropriate or makes information easier to follow. If you think the default text size is too small and hard to read, you can enlarge text as follows:
    1. Click the [Enlarge] button at the right of each page to display text larger.
    2. When text is not displayed larger (when viewing in Internet Explorer)
      Check the [Do not use font size specified in Web page] checkbox at [Tools]-[Internet Options]-[General]-[User Aid]. Deselect this checkbox if it is selected.
    3. You can also change your Web browser's settings to resize text.
  • A navigation bar shared common to the site map and all pages is provided to make the configuration of site easier to follow.
  • Navigation is displayed at the top of each page so that you can tell where the currently displayed page is located within the site
  • Displays have been designed to fit as far as possible in the same window to keep new windows popping up to a minimum.
  • English pages are also provided.

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