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Company Introduction

SSD is a creative company that has continually sought out totally innovative and original ideas and products

Since its founding in 1995, SSD COMPANY LIMITED has undertaken the development of a wide range of products and goods while embracing a vision of bringing innovative or "new-generation" products into the world. Our company name "Shinsedai," in fact, means "new generation." In the years since, SSD has remained faithful to its original founding spirit, and has researched and developed new products and new element technologies.

The products that we create - computers that do not feel like computers and user-friendly, user-like products - may be around us all and we may not realize this.

People who like "doing fun things" and "creating fun for others" have gathered together at our company. It is our wish to bring enrichment, enjoyment and emotion to people, and create products that will be engrained in people's hearts as wonderful memories.

Driven by this passion, each and every one of us will continue to be engaged in the development of products.

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