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1995 Dec. Company founded
1996 Jan. Authorized as leading-edge company by the Governor of Shiga Prefecture
Mar. Appointed as a leading-edge subsidized corporation according to the Small- and Medium-sized Creative Activities Promotion Act
1998 Jul. Mass-production of licensed products started for overseas markets
Oct. "Shinsedai" trademark registered
1999 Sep. "XaviX" trademark registered in Japan
2000 Mar. Licensed products were released for Japanese market
May. "XaviX" fundamental patents granted in U.S.A. and Taiwan
Oct. Hong Kong Branch established
2001 Apr. New Head Office opened
Aug. "XaviX" trademark registered in the U.S.A.
2002 Feb. "e-kara" was awarded the 1st prize of Girl Toy section of T.O.T.Y.(Toy of The Year) in U.S.A
2003 Jul. "Super XaviX" completed
2004 Jan. "XaviXPORT Concept" announced at CES in Las Vegas, U.S.A.
Aug. "XaviX" launched as own product brand
Nov. "XaviX-2" completed
2006 Jan. Designated as "Special zone for creation of new industry in Biwako Southern Area" in Shiga.
Mar. Development and Distribution Center (DCC) opened
2007 Sep. Tokyo Office opened
2008 Feb. Headquarters' offices moved and integrated with DDC to make a new Headquarters

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