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Business Policy

Aiming at becoming a global corporation that can contribute to society through original technology and the combined efforts of all

Business Policy

With the aim of aiding society around a business motto of "contribute first above all else," we are applying our area of expertise - digital technology - and are making extensive efforts to originate new media for handling communication between people. Our business policy is one that ensures an environment of joy, leaning, and fulfillment for all those, who gather at SSD, so that we are one in our pursuit of contributing to the happiness of all.

Business Aims

Perhaps our greatest aspirations are to carve out new sectors of business across all markets based on our analog and digital technologies. As we move forward we are building upon our proprietary electronic circuits and various software technologies, and are providing solution technologies that harmonize planning, development, manufacturing, and sales. We strive to provide attractive new products and services to fill the new markets we create for a vast majority of people.

Business Style - An R&D-driven Company

SSD is an R&D-driven company. We are the owners of numerous patents and intellectual property rights, which are applied in the products we bring to market both with our client partners as well as in the products with our own XaviX Brand. We take a global approach to the development, manufacturing, and marketing of products and as such SSD has long-standing business partnerships with several technology, production, and product licensing companies in various overseas locations. So that SSD can continue to develop reasonably priced products, we will continue to expand our reach into the global community in order to bring people together from around the world.

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