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Graphics Technology

True reality expressed through technical and creative resources

Of the five human senses - sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste - sight is presumably the most stimulating sensory element. As an interface, sight is also the dominant sense and compels Man to interact with computers. Stimulating the desire to interrelate is a broad spectrum of visual elements - like computer graphics - that are brought to life on the screen. Graphics technology is the discipline of constructing visual desires that make man-machines compelling and enable intuitive interaction. This technology integrates a variety of processes extending from basic programming and development of new CG characters through to the production of complex, high-level computer graphics, development of computer modes of operation, and realization of never before concepts. In pursuit of replicating the real world, graphic designers often overlook the fact that expressions faithful to an "imaginary reality" leave a more indelible impression and achieve greater excitement. This point is not ignored by SSD. Moreover, we believe the technique of imparting a more realistic sensation by emphasizing or exaggerating certain elements is often essential towards suiting the state of the human mind.

How should this implied reality be implemented to express true reality? SSD's creative and technical graphics capabilities facilitate its pursuit of providing graphics that convey perceived reality as opposed to "over-reality."

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