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Human Science Technology

Turning Man's universality into a science and pursuing the potential of new business chances

As we move our fingers or toes, our bodies instinctively react. At SSD, we consider this nature of human behavior essential in our pursuit for creativity. "What should we provide people." "How and in what order?" 'Do people feel this to be 'mysterious?'" "Does this incite their sense of curiosity and their spirit of challenge?' To go beyond the boundaries of hardware and software; to think scientifically on the universality of human sensibility; or, to originate new business concepts and pursue these possibilities; this is human science - the so-called "science of man and sensibility."

While clarifying the basics and general principles of thought, SSD creates mechanisms that sense the mysterious and absorb this sense of mystery while savoring the euphoria. Our aim is a technology - human science technology - that allows people to sense humanity.

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