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2011.08.04 "The Body Conditioner" has been featured on the MBS (Mainichi Broadcasting System) evening news program "Voice - University Hospital starts anti-aging checkup).
2011.07.05 New product "Anpanman kazoku de ikunou mat DX" has been released fromJoyPalette.CO.LTD.
2011.06.21 "The Body Conditioner" has been featured on the Fuji TV's popular varaiety program "B.C. Beauty Coliseum". It was used to measure Barbie's (a comic duo "Fallin' love") body balance during her diet program.
2011.06.07-09 "The Body Conditioner" and "The Body Conditioner +G" was exhibited at Tokyo Health Industry Show 2011, Descente booth.
2011.04.10 "The Body Conditioner" was introduced in the show "Masahiro Nakai's Black varaiety" (NTV). Masahiro Nakai (MC) and other guests has tried the measurement
2011.04.08 "The Body Conditioner +G" was introduced in "Nikkei Marketing Journal (MJ)"
2011.04.07 "The Body Conditioner +G" was introduced in "The Nikkei Business Daily"
2011.04.05 "The Body Conditioner +G "(SSD has jointly-developed with Descente)has been launched from Descente Health Management laboratory
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