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Product Mass-production Technology

A low-cost, highly adaptive mass-production system that enables "reliable product-making"

Key to the creation of high-quality products is keen product planning and product development. Equally as important is proven production technology, which is necessary to achieve reliable, mass-production of reasonably priced and top-quality products. For this reason, we at SSD sincerely believe production and manufacturing technologies to be as significant to our success as product planning and product development. Both are vital necessities. As practitioners of this belief, we are confident in saying that SSDfs strength lies in our overall ability to provide partners, customers, and the market with total solutions that use leading-edge technologies. SSD manufactures its integrated circuits at the production facilities of reliable partners in Japan, Taiwan and Korea. At the same time, the applied products we bring to market are manufactured at six key plants in China, where we have effectively made use of an abundant work force and taken advantage of state-of-the-art automation. In this way, we have succeeded in achieving a low-cost, highly adaptable system of mass-production, and ensuring the thorough production and quality control of our products.

Through a unique system of manufacturing that enables "reliable total product creation," we have built deep ties of trust with customers around the world.

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