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Hardware Technology/Semiconductor Technology

We produce low-cost, high-quality custom LSIs composed of various microcomputers in a short period of time

Microcomputers that detect slight physical movement by a sensor, accurately calculate numerical values, and submit this information to remote sites
Microcomputers that conduct information processing in various ways complying with an internal program to present the results on an LCD display
Microcomputers that control the action of machines or small gadgets to make our lives more comfortable and convenient
Microcomputers that play sounds and melodies for us
Microcomputers that remotely control equipment at distant sites and provide the capability of visually and aurally verifying how that equipment is operating

At SSD, in recognition of the infinite potential of microcomputers, we can quickly manufacture low-cost, high-quality custom integrated circuits (ASICs) using a variety of microcomputers. Our microprocessors are also used in the various products that we develop.

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