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08.04 "The Body Conditioner" has been featured on the MBS (Mainichi Broadcasting System) evening news program "Voice - University Hospital starts anti-aging checkup).
07.05 New product "Anpanman kazoku de ikunou mat DX" has been released fromJoyPalette.CO.LTD.
06.21 "The Body Conditioner" has been featured on the Fuji TV's popular varaiety program "B.C. Beauty Coliseum". It was used to measure Barbie's (a comic duo "Fallin' love") body balance during her diet program.
06.07-09 "The Body Conditioner" and "The Body Conditioner +G" was exhibited at Tokyo Health Industry Show 2011, Descente booth.
04.10 "The Body Conditioner" was introduced in the show "Masahiro Nakai's Black varaiety" (NTV). Masahiro Nakai (MC) and other guests has tried the measurement
04.08 "The Body Conditioner +G" was introduced in "Nikkei Marketing Journal (MJ)"
04.07 "The Body Conditioner +G" was introduced in "The Nikkei Business Daily"
04.05 "The Body Conditioner +G "(SSD has jointly-developed with Descente)has been launched from Descente Health Management laboratory
03.10 NTT Docomo has announced the release of the new application for their i-Bodymo, "Doubutsu tachi to uchi tore!" (English meaning: Let's do home exercise with animals)"
02.17-19 "The Body Conditioner +G" was introduced at "Japan Golf Fair 2011" at DESCENTE booth.
02.25 "HotPlus" has been introduced in "Koureisha jyutaku shinbun (meaning:senior citizen's housing newspaper)"
02.16 "The Body Conditioner" was introduced in the April issue of "Karada ni iikoto" magazine (English meaning: Something good for your body)".
01.25 "La Donna Harajuku", a COSCA code compliant magazine's 4th volume (special edition with a COSCA pen bundled) has been released
01.17 "The Body Conditioner" was introduced in the show "Sekai Marumie! TV Tokusoubu (World Great TV)" (NTV). Beat Takeshi along with one their guest had tried the measurement
12.17-19 "The Body Conditioner +G" was exhibited at "Sports Science & Technology 2010"
11.14 Conducted measurement event of "The Body Conditioner" at the town festival "Kenko Matsuri (meaning: Health festival) in Toyono, Osaka
11.02 "The Body Conditioner" introduced in TV Tokyo Program "World Business Satellite".
10.17 "The Body Conditioner" was introduced as a high-tech health measurement instrument on TBSs' cutting-edge IT news show, "Kakumei x TV" 'featuring future healthcare goods'
10.12-13 Exhibited at "Open Innovation Matching 2010" ICT symposium in Kyoto
09.15 Exhibited at "Healthcare merchandise matching trade show 'Development and purchasing'" in Osaka
09.10 "cosca code" compliant magazine "La Donna Harajuku" (Musousya) has released its 3rd Volume. Now on sale
09.07 XaviXGOLF was introduced in the weekly magazine "Golf digest" No.33 September 7th edition, For ~now is the time to buy Golf home electronics
08.08 Japanese Association of Clinical Developmental Psychologists 6th National Convention SSD announced "XaviX HOT plus" utilization example at practical seminar
08.08 Cyber Game Asia 2010 。ハBangkok。ヒ Digital Media Asia 2010 Session Presented SSD's digital entertainment business
07.17 "Ryo Ishikawa Exciting Golf" on sale / EPOCH CO.,LTD.
07.17 "Love Digi Pri Seal-Stick" on sale / TOMY COMPANY,LTD.
07.13 Three developed products were awarded by "Japan Toy Awards 2010"
07.10 "Mall Adventure" starts。ソBANDAI CO.,LTD.
06.25 "cosca code" compliant book "Hints for a Happy Life -The Global Harmony-" on sale / MUSOSHA
06.19 "Doraemon "Taiko aiueo Zukan" on sale / EPOCH CO.,LTD.
06.07 "cosca code" compliant magazine "La Donna" 2nd issue (published by MUSOSHA) sale
06.02 "Ryo Ishikawa Exciting Golf" announced with press announcement and release / EPOCH CO., LTD.
06.01 "THE BODY CONDITIONER" installed at Sports Club NAS Ginza store, unveiled at new store opening press announcement
05.29 "HYPER TELESCOPE" on sale / BANDAI CO., LTD.
05.25 "THE BODY CONDITIONER introduced in issue No.48 of the "FITNESS JOURNAL" magazine
05.21 NTT docomo cellphone app incorporating SSD's 3D sensor analysis technology "i Bodymo" service started
04.23 "cosca Pen" on sale at NEC Biglobe "MonoColle" web site
03.23 "cosca code" service for easy accessing of web sites from printed matter started
03.19 "THE BODY CONDITIONER" introduced on NTV program "Sukkiri!!"
03.17-19 "THE BODY CONDITIONER" exhibited at the DESCENTE booth at Tokyo Health Industry Show 2010
03.10 "THE BODY CONDITIONER" adopted in the "DESCENTE health improvement program"
02.26 Barcode reader supported in NEC Biglobe's "MonoColle" service, and "cosca Pen" adopted as original barcode reader
02.08。。 Online sales of "cosca Pen" started
02.06 "XaviX Hot Plus" program introduced in Lake Biwa Broadcasting (BBC) program "Shiga Economy NOW"
02.01 "cosca code" compatible magazine "La Donna" first issue (published by Musosha) sale
01.08-10。。 XaviXPORT exhibited by Thai business partner at Thailand Game Show 2010, and web site opened
11.26-29 "XaviX Hot Plus" exhibited at ICON2009 at G-Star2009 "Pusan BEXCO, Korea)
11.26 "Recreation and Rehabilitation System for the Elderly - 'XaviX Hot Plus!'" announced at G-Star2009 International Content Creator's Conference 2009
11.16-17 "THE BODY CONDITIONER" exhibited jointly with JAMPS (Japanese Association of Medical Personal Support) at LEISURE & SERVICE INDUSTRY EXHIBITION 2009
11.11 "XaviX Hot Plus" exhibited at "Hands-on Medical Care Fair"
11.01 "XaviXmobile Atama Club" event held at NHK Osaka
10.28 Cases of "Exercise Support System for the Elderly - 'XaviX Hot Plus'" installations announced at the METI KANSAI Health and Long Life Industry Seminar
10.25 "Anpanman Pyon Pyon Ikuno Mat" on sale / TOHO CO., LTD.
10.22 Receipt of "Small- & Medium-sized Business Product Development Subsidy" determined
09.26 "THE BODY CONDITIONER" for analyzing physical distortions in 3D introduced in Lake Biwa Broadcasting (BBC) program "Shiga Economy NOW"
09.24-27 "XaviX Hot Plus", "XaviXmobile Atama Club" and "XaviX PowerKIDS" exhibited at the "CoFesta Main Both" hands-on corner at Tokyo Game Show 2009
09.24 "XaviX AEROSTEP Music & Circuit" introduced on Ishikawa TV
09.13 Development of "THE BODY CONDITIONER" motion analysis system with integrated 3D sensor completed and sales started
09.12-14 "THE BODY CONDITIONER" exhibited jointly with JAMPS (Japanese Association of Medical Personal Support) at 58th CIDESCO World Congress and Exhibition in Kyoto 2009
09.10-12 "XaviX Hot Plus" exhibited by Chinese business partner Peking Careal Technology Corporation at CARE & REHABILITATION EXPO CHINA 2009
09.01 Chinese business partner Peking Careal Technology Corporation's web site opened
07.21 Services started at the "shopping mall and entertainment system" AEON MALL Hiroshima Gion
06.11 Technology provided in "development of games for exercise and cognitive rehabilitation for the elderly requiring medical care" jointly with Prof. WATANABE MASAYUKI of Shiga University, Faculty of Education as part of the Japan Science and Technology Agency's "Regional Innovation & Creation General Support Project"
05.01 Business tie-up for joint development of "XaviX Hot Plus" with the Peking Careal Technology Corporation
04.22 SSD introduced in the "Health Culture Industry Support Handbook - Case Studies of 'Idea Corporations' Considering the Secrets of Good Health" published by the Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry
03.06-07 "XaviX Hot Plus" exhibited at Francebed Medical Service's booth at the No.3 Medical Care & Dementia Prevention Fair
02.06 Lectured at intellectual asset seminar "Intellectual Asset Strategies for Small- and Medium-size Businesses"
01.15。。 "XaviX Hot Plus" and SSD introduced in the overseas broadcast TV program "NHK WORLD"
11.14 Receipt of Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry's Health & Information Infrastructure Projects Subsidy from the "Health and Livelihood Creation Consortium" joint consortium with Best Life Promotion Co. determined
10.28-29 "Touch-free Interface Module" exhibited at DEATEC (DCP Exhibiton of Advanced Technologies)
10.28-29 "XaviX Hot Plus" exhibited at "Creative Business Fair 2008"
10.28 Lectured on "XaviX Hot Plus" in the case study introduction session for the medical care field at the "Contents Application Seminar" held by the Kansai & Chugoku Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry
10.10 Movement by 3-axis Acceleration Sensor and Wireless Communications Technology
05.25 Our company was introduced on the NHK Osaka TV program "Le Son no Tsubo"
02.29 Head Office was moved.
01.30 "yukkuristep" Now On Sale
12.08 Joint Development of "XaviX+D3" with DESCENTE, LTD.
11.15 Awarded the Governor's Prize at the "Ohmi Universal Design Awards"
10.17 Homecare Support Service "XaviX Hot Plus" Started in November, 2007
09.06 XaviX Bass Fishing on sale September 27
09.01 Tokyo Office opened
07.13 XaviX PowerKIDS Jr on sale August 23
06.18 XaviX EYEHAND on sale
06.12 XaviX Aerostep Music & Circuit on sale
06.08 XaviX PowerKIDS on sale
05.18 XaviXPORTs Donated to 116 Hokkaido Day Service Centers
04.22 New Wave Report No.8 Special Report: "Abilities Development Series" Initial Offering, Birth of "Power Kids"
04.16 English Web site "" updated
01.12 Web site "" updated
01.12 New Wave Report No.7 Special Report: SSD's Future Commitment
01.05 XaviXPORTs donated to 66 Day Service Centers in Fukui Prefecture
12.25 Web site "" updated
12.14 XaviXPORTs donated to 142 Day Service Centers in Tokyo
10.24 XaviXPORTs donated to 300 Day Service Centers in Kyoto Prefecture
10.18 XaviXPORTs donated to Elderly Day Service Centers in Shiga Prefecture
10.16 SSD Healthcare Equipment installed at Kusatsu City "Sawayaka" Health Centers
09.28 New Wave Report Vol.6 Special Report: Products That Customers Will be Pleased With
08.11 XaviXPORTs donated to 180 Elderly Welfare and Health Care Centers in Kyoto Prefecture
08.04 Joint development of new-theory products that allow users to train their mind and body
07.21 XaviXAERO CHECK & BALANCE put on sale
06.20 New Wave Report Vol.5 Special Report: Sales of XaviXPORT started in Japan
06.06 XaviXPORT applications introduced in "Health & Fitness 2000" for the elderly
03.23 Concept of XaviXPORT system announced and 2008 new products demonstrated
02.24 Development and Distribution Center (DDC) completed
02.14 XaviXPORT applications announced by TOMY
10.20 XaviXGOLF and BASEBALL put on sale
09.22 Web site "" updated
09.22 Sales of XaviXPORT started
09.07 Message from Jackie Chan - Press Conference JCX Company Limited launched with start of JCS (Jackie Chan Studio)
09.06 New XaviX products press conference held
01.07 New Wave Report Vol.4 Special Report: Announcement of New XaviX Products, and Jackie Chan XaviX debut
01.06 International Consumer Electronics Show 2005
08.04 New Wave Report Vol.3 Special Report: XaviXPORT Promotional Event Held
06.21 New Wave Report Vol.2 Special Report: Technical Trends That Will Carve Out The Future, Appearance of XaviX2
06.01 New Wave Report Vol.1

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