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Product Development and Production

Responding to people's desires for new and novel products

"I wish I could do this. I wish I had this." - We are listening attentively to and responding to people's wishes and desires.

From product planning through to design and development, and mass-production, we are turning customers' requests into actual products through diverse business partnerships with our partners in various sectors of industry without adhering slavishly to product genre. Our motto is to bring customers low-priced, high-quality goods within short delivery periods.

At SSD, we are developing a variety of goods jointly with corporate partners in the areas of toys and games, and have so far undertaken the manufacture of numerous products. We have created many goods that pioneer the area of TV-interfaced toys such as "hands-on sports games" which have proved very popular.

In creating goods and products, not just toys and games, we embrace the key concepts of "family," "friends," "health" and "top-quality entertainment." From here on, too, we believe it our mission to continue to provide numerous innovative SSD goods and products to people around the world.

Even now, there may be lots of them around us all and we may not realize this.

As we develop these products, we can imagine the look of joy on our customers' faces. This is the driving force behind our efforts to develop "novel, innovative and fun products" for all of our customers.

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