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New Lifestyle Design

Advocating new modes of uses of TV towards the creation of a new world - the XaviX Concept

XaviXPORT allows TVs in your home to change instantly into information equipment that can be effectively used in a variety of scenes in everyone's lives.

"Home-based training" for practicing sports in the comfort of your living room. Learning applications that will provide a more enjoyable study environment. Fitness applications that will prove to be continually effective without major physical burden. And, applications designed specifically for the home that will support a comfortable lifestyle. These are just some of the many possible ways that XaviXPORT can be applied to everybody's benefit.

Simply connecting XaviXPORT to your TV allows it to be used in even more ways. It will enrich our lives and make them more enjoyable, in turn, making everybody healthier and livelier. SSD has made sure that this desire is "built into" XaviXPORT.

Under the theme of "fusing of entertainment and health," we are currently developing a total of seven applications that include sport and fitness applications intended for promoting users' health. In the future, the applications of XaviXPORT will expand to even newer fields.

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