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SSD has been introduced in a wide range of media. Here are just some of them.
Latest Info
Date Media Description
2010.11.02 TV TV Tokyo Program "World Business Satellite" Product Introduction "The Body Conditioner" introduced in the "Trend Tamago" TV spot
2010.05.25 Magazine Monthly "FITNESS JOURNAL"
Issue No.48
Product Introduction "THE BODY CONDITIONER" introduced
2010.03.19 TV NTV program "Sukkiri!!" Product Introduction "BODY CONDITIONER" introduced in the "Kenko Haku" (lit. "Health Expo") TV spot
2010.02.06 TV Lake Biwa Broadcasting (BBC) program "Shiga Economy NOW" Product Introduction "XaviX Hot Plus" program introduced
2009.09.26 TV Lake Biwa Broadcasting (BBC) program "Shiga Economy NOW" News "THE BODY CONDITIONER" for analyzing physical distortions in 3D introduced in Lake Biwa Broadcasting (BBC) program "Shiga Economy NOW"
2009.09.24 TV Ishikawa TV "Ishikawa-san Information Live Refresh" Product Introduction "XaviX AEROSTEP Music & Circuit" introduced in the "Eri no Ima Kore - Eri Suguri" TV spot
2009.04.22 Publication Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry "Health Culture Industry Support Handbook" Company Introduction Newly listed as an example of a company that develops its own health-related products and services
2009.01.15 TV "NHK WORLD" Product Introduction
Company Introduction
"XaviX Hot Plus" and SSD introduced

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