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Semiconductor Technology

State-of-the-art and creative - possibilities are expanding around a core of entertainment

A wide range of electronic circuits are created today by way of miniaturizing analog and digital blocks in order to lower cost, space, and power, while increasing performance. The end result is a highly integrated semiconductor circuit, or LSI. SSD employs talented and experienced engineers who have developed numerous semiconductors. Our engineers design and develop original, state-of-the-art electronic components and semiconductors (ICs), participating in the development of well over 100 designs. Right now, as you are reading this, they are involved in creating new semiconductors that will be put to use worldwide as the heart of toys and TV games in the form of compact single-chip computers that integrate graphics, sound, and various I/O functions, and new microcomputers that control semiconductor functions and sensor operation.

As we move forward, SSD will continue to advance the integration of our entertainment and semiconductor technologies, and will proceed in the development of epoch-making products for information, communications, healthcare and industrial applications.

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