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Software Technology
Sound Technology

Presenting an ambience that lends "presence" to a created world

Hearing is the second most important of Man's senses. In particular, sound plays a vital role in enabling people to fully experience their environment. For a variety of situations, sound technology is indispensable in the form of background music, sound effects, sound for enhancing graphic effects, and scenes where the sound itself takes center stage such as "karaoke," rhythm-based games and virtual musical instruments. Sounds, created by software technology and typified by sound effects imagined in onefs head or uplifting music and rhythms, are needed to impart reality to the world. At SSD, we believe it our assigned mission to conduct research to make these sounds "more authentic than the real thing." We hope to further enrich the world of computer software through sounds that at times perform as supporting actor or at other times play the leading role.

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