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Hardware Technology/Semiconductor Technology/Semiconductor Processor

Highly compatible with the XaviX processor, featuring faster arithmetic operation and image processing capabilities

The SuperXaviX processor is a multi-tasking, high-performance ASIC that executes audio, visual and interactive instructions. This processor is a highly compatible enhanced version of our fundamental XaviX processor. SuperXaviX is an innovative processor that is expected for use in a variety of products that are able to take advantage of its more natural-looking imaging and ability to create a higher grade of "reality." It is positioned to emerge in applied products in the fields of communications, education and information such as entertainment software and web surfing.

Main Functions and Performance
CPU CISC processor @43 MHz
XaviX CPU compatible instruction set + extended instruction set
Graphics Processor Composite video (NTSC/PAL/PAL-M) output
Resolution: 720 x 448 pixels (during interlacing)
Number of simultaneously displayable colors: 512 out of approx. 20,000 colors
Sprites: 256
Text (background) screen; 2
Bitmap screen: 1
Window mask function
Sound Processor 16-channel simultaneously playable PCM sound source
Envelope function mounted
I/O and periphery DMA (Dynamic Memory Access) function
Mouse interface x 2
Light gun interface x 2
General-purpose timer x 1
Analog input x 6 (8-bit ADC mounted)
Tablet interface
External memory interface Address bus: 27 bits (max. 768 Mbit memory can be connected)
Data bus: 8 bits/16 bits (selectable on each memory)
Memory w/ page mode supported
Application Examples
Information processing equipment, toys, TV games, educational equipment, healthcare equipment, industrial equipment

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