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3D (polygon) computer graphics can be generated without video memory

This single-chip microprocessor adopts an architecture different from that used in the fundamental XaviX processor. In particular, XaviX2 makes possible high-definition 3D (polygon) display using little graphic memory, and enables drawing and the creation of graphics by a rendering method completely different from the XaviX processor capable of real-time display of high-resolution graphics. Its sound functions, that include 64-channel simultaneously playable PCM sound source, echo/reverb and other sound effects, have also been greatly expanded to achieve a performance excelling that of mature TV game consoles. A newly developed 32-bit RISC processor is also mounted on the CPU, enabling complex calculations with advanced arithmetic operation performance. The XaviX2 processor supports a high-speed programmable serial interface, and is directly connected to various communications and external interface equipment. Its high-grade graphics and sound processing capabilities will allow it to achieve a new dimension of hands-on games and entertainment, and its high computation performance and high-speed interface will ensure that it will be mounted on information terminals and various other products in the very near future.

Main Functions and Performance
CPU RISC processor @98 MHz (original architecture)
Geometry Engine Matrix product, coordinate conversion, lighting, and other processes
Graphics Processor Composite video (NTSC/PAL/PAL-N/PAL-M/NTSC4.43) output
Resolution: 720 x 576 pixels (on PAL interface)
Enlarged/reduced sprites and polygons (gouraud shading, texture mapping) can be displayed
Perspective correction function for texture mapping
Bi-linear filter function for sprites and polygons
Alpha-blending function
Sound Processor 64-channel simultaneously playable PCM sound source
Hardwired echo/reverb function
Digital interpolation filter mounted
I/O and periphery Mouse interface x 4
Light gun interface x 4
Programmable serial interface x 2
General-purpose timers/counters x 2
Analog input x 4 (10-bit ADC mounted)
DMA (Dynamic Memory Access) w/ request queue function
External memory interface Address bus: 30 bits (max. 8 Gbit memory can be connected)
Data bus: 8 bits/16 bits (selectable on each memory)
Memory w/ page mode supported
NAND-type flash EEPROM compatible interface supported
Application Examples
Information processing equipment, toys, TV games, educational equipment, healthcare equipment, industrial equipment

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