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An unprecedented processor patented throughout the world

The XaviX processor is the multi-functioning, high-performance application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) multimedia processor that drives SSD products requiring audio, visual and interactive capabilities. XaviX swiftly and cost effectively enables a computing environment through an interface with your home television - truly a television home computing environment. As well, SSD has found a niche for this processor and is developing new opportunities for XaviX in various applied technologies. XaviX, through its unique architecture or basic design, has been patented by SSD throughout the world, attesting to the unparalleled creativity of our people and our product.

Main Functions and Performance
CPU CISC processor @21 MHz
Graphics Processor Composite video (NTSC/PAL) output
Resolution: 256 x 224 pixels
Number of simultaneously displayable colors: 256 out of approx. 24,000 colors
Sprites: 256
Text (background) screen: 2
Window mask function
Sound Processor 16-channel simultaneously playable PCM sound source
Envelope function mounted
I/O and periphery DMA (Dynamic Memory Access) function
Mouse interface x 2
General-purpose timer x 1
Analog input x 6 (8-bit ADC mounted)
Tablet interface
External memory interface Address bus: 24 bits (max. 96 Mbit memory can be connected)
Data bus: 8 bits
Application Examples
Toys, TV games, educational equipment, healthcare equipment, industrial equipment

XaviX Worldwide
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